My mental workout on Software Development

  • Software Delivery Platforms 2019

    We are starting a new “SaaS” project.

    After working for 5 years on a project with a rusty “enterprise” deployment solution (Weblogic!, šŸ™„… not my fault), I’m now evaluating options to build a modern “software delivery platform”. It’s almost 2020 and “devops” evolved a lot in the last few years.

    This post is a disorganized dump of my thoughts and findings.

  • Why React?

    The project team wants to move away from AngularJS (v1) for all new modules. What do we choose instead?

    Angular 2+ (now at version 6) is the obvious first option.

    This article is an attempt to explain why I prefer React instead.

  • Catching a Wave

    I think Google Wave could become a big thing. The idea of replacing emails with feeds of conversations is not a new one. I remember brainstorming about this with friends, and here is an old article around this idea from an ex coworker.

  • Career move

    Today is is my last day as an Oracle employee. “Fired? Lay offs?” No, I decided to leave. “What happened?” Nothing, really. I was working with nice people, in a good environment, doing interesting work, getting a good salary.

  • Practical API Design

    I wrote about API design guidelines before, collecting links, resources, papers and hoping someone would write a book on the subject. The wait is over! Jaroslav Toulash published a book on Practical API Design!

  • Oracle eats BEA

    To me, BEA was the big fish not long ago. Today, BEA is the small one in the mouth of Oracle. We are in a steep ride, jumping quickly from a start-up to becoming part of BEA and now of Oracle.

  • Content-aware image resizing

    Watch this video demonstrating some cool algorithms for resizing and cropping images. They analyse the content of the image and try to remove/add/stretch/shrink only those areas of the image that are less relevant.

  • Online Mind Mapping

    A couple of smart friends of mine are strong advocates of mind maps, so much in fact that they had nothing better to do than develop It’s a pretty impressive online mind-mapping tool with everything you’d expect these days from a web two-oh application: rich UI, collaboration, tagging, sharing.

  • Moving back to Argentina

    In March, I accepted a new position within BEA, to work for BEA Argentina. After more than six years in the U.S., my wife and I were thinking about moving back to Argentina.

  • Violating Java's privacy

    I found myself in the need to invoke a private method of a Java class that was out of my control. I really needed it. So, I went ahead and violated the method’s privacy declaration via reflection.