Career move


Today is is my last day as an Oracle employee.

"Fired? Lay offs?" No, I decided to leave.

"What happened?" Nothing, really. I was working with nice people, in a good environment, doing interesting work, getting a good salary. I was comfortable.

"So? Why are you leaving?" A deal popped up that allows me go independent and try something different. Actually, I'm teaming up with a good friend to build Code54. We always dreamed about creating our own little software company, and this is an interesting opportunity to give it a shot.

"You must be crazy! Do it during this economic crisis?!" No doubt. I hope we can make it work on our favor. If I wait for the "ideal" time, I might never get to do it. I was too comfortable at Oracle, but comfort is not what I'm after right now.

This was not an easy decision. I've been working at Fuego/BEA/Oracle for over 10 years. I lived all kind of experiences from being a troubled 11-employee start-up to joining the Oracle empire. Thanks everyone!

Stay tuned: In a few months I'll either be hiring or looking for a job again!