AntDoclet is a tool to automatically generate documentation out of your Ant Tasks' source code.

It is implemented as a Javadoc doclet, and generates reference documentation and other deliverables from the source code of your custom Ant Tasks/Types. It's been only tested with JDK 1.4.

It uses template-based generation, using Velocity. This makes it simple to create new deliverables or modify the ones provided. The example templates generate HTML and LaTeX (PDF) and are located under the templates/ directory.

Quick Start

The file is an example of how to run the doclet from Ant. You must change some properties to fit your needs, like the path to your tasks source code and compiled classes. If you need AntDoclet, I assume you are comfortable with Ant scripts ;-).

IMPORTANT: The doclet needs access to both the source code and the compiled version of the tasks/types to document. This is so because AntDoclet uses the same runtime-reflection mechanism that Ant itself uses to find valid properties and nested elements from each task/type.

Ant-specific Javadoc tags

AntDoclet expects some ant-specific tags to build richer documentation:

The javadoc comments must be valid XHTML, otherwise, the templates' output may be broken. Some suggestions:


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